Thanks for the tip about leaving it in the fridge overnight- I’ll try that next time! Available in most Asian markets. Stirring constantly, bring mixture to a boil over medium heat; stir in vanilla. My mom loves tapioca and I want to make this for her Mother’s day brunch, but I don’t have a lot of time for trial and error this weekend. The flavors are subtle, not too sweet, and the consistency of the pudding once chilled is perfect. makes coconut tapioca with passionfruit custard – similar idea to mango, and soooo delicious, needless to say. You see photos of fancier glasses (crystal cocktail glasses) in most of the photos because I made a second batch of the pudding to retest, thus all of my Duralex glasses were in use! So simple yet looks so delicious! The more the merrier. The mango puree won’t be terribly smooth unless you start with frozen mango chunks, have very ripe mangoes, or a professional-quality blender, but we found it no less of a charming topping even if not completely velvety. Love to see Jacob vacuuming the Wegner chairs! To test a can, shake it. The only thing I changed was to use only one can of coconut milk and sub regular milk for the remaining 3/4 cup because the canned coconut milk seemed alarmingly thick. I’m definitely putting this on my list. I’ve made something similar to this in the past, it’s absolutely delicious! It’s made with unsweetened almond and coconut milk, and unlike traditional tapioca pudding, contains no eggs or refined sugars. Oh well- all the more for you and your baby with the forked tongue! I made it with about 2/3 full-fat coconut milk and 1/3 whole milk. I’ve made this recipe six times since you first posted it using a blend of fresh young thai coconut milk and flesh and shared it each time with my daughter for her afternoon snack, to our delight. I shall stay away for a little bit until the nightmare ingredient slips away, then return to be happy once again. I made them for a dinner party and everyone loved them! Whee! My husband also doesnt enjoy tapioca and I don’t understand why! (Although I’m sure no matter how bad you may think things got over the holidays, surely none of your children announced at preschool’s circle time that his mommy was going to have a baby, which was news to you? well, i’ll figure it out without the egg yolk…or be guilty of resolution-busting. This year will be no different, except for the fact that this is the year that I come out as a tapioca pudding junkie, no matter how weirdly old-fashioned that makes me. Aside from the minute tapioca which is just ground up tapioca, there are two sizes of pearl tapioca, small and large. Used an extra 1/4 cup of dairy milk for a looser pudding, whipped the egg white and folded into the pudding for extra lightness. My 5 yo frequently talks to the baby in my tummy, even though said baby is 9 months old now. [Edited to add:] This pudding will set on the firm side, closer to Jell-O; to make a softer pudding, increase the coconut milk to 2 3/4 cups, or, as is often called for in many old-fashioned recipes, beat the egg white you separated off the yolk separately with a spoonful of sugar you’d otherwise add right to the pudding, until glossy peaks form. Rebecca (from comment 199) – I made it with full-fat coconut milk only and it was way too greasy. I have a small fridge and I don’t own any pretty pudding cups, would it be acceptable to put the pudding in a larger container (i.e. Tapioca is available in a few different forms, but the most popular one is probably its pearl version. Stunning recipe deb and I can not wait to try it. ps. This is my first time with tapioca pudding – smells amazing! I haven’t tried the small pearls yet, but they would be the BB shot size. Wowzer that looks fantastic! It was sorta rolled closed. Could it be because I have a 20-month old daughter who is JUST old enough for me to slip some sweets to, at least those that feel a little more wholesome, and pudding feels deceptively wholesome? Also, can the leftovers (of the cream) be kept for a bit in the fridge? 1/3 cup of water . Add tapioca and cook, stirring occasionally, until tapioca turns almost completely translucent (15-20 minutes). Deb, I think that the egg whites hold some of the air better when stiffened into a meringue then can hold up some under the goo and the rise with the heat. I just wanted to say thank you for including things like describing the consistency of the ingredients and that it might worry you, etc. Tuscany and its hills, famous estates, breathtaking vineyards and villas showed me the most fairy-like landscape I ever visited. But I have had a few problems with the tapioca congealing or splittting, Sometimes there is a liquid sheen in the top – not appealing. I make something very similar to this often, without eggs. :). Add the sugar and keep stirring to prevent sticking. This looks like the perfect fix for that problem. Thank you!! It is incredible…and that’s even without the mango (couldn’t find a single decent mango to save my life). As mentioned earlier, the tapioca itself will not give you many nutrients. Keep stirring over low heat for another … 70g small pearl tapioca. scale that bitch up! Delicious!! Whisk in egg yolk, sugar, salt and vanilla bean seeds, if using (if using extract, you’ll add it in a bit). Which led to you having to make an awkward joke about too many cookies in December? So today there is a chilled coconut tapioca pudding flavoured with kaffir lime and topped with mango to deal with the heat. “…all of the ingredients that fascinate him the least (vanilla beans, coconut)..”. Ooh, this sounds great. The fresh mango, lime zest and lime juice pair impeccably with the coconut milk and add a sunny, tropical flair. After the pudding has cooked for 15 minutes, spoon some into the egg white and fold them together, then fold this egg white-pudding mixture back into the pot. Thanks in advance for any input! That’s what I usually have in the fridge. Oh my, tapioca. – Which is my favorite dessert in the whole world. I like it with just coconut but not sure what else i can decorate it with? Two years ago: Apple Sharlotka Instructions. Yum! Would like to extend your repertoire of dishes cooked with this particular type of pumpkin? Or does it belong like this? Deb, this is truly outstanding. Just multiply ingredients as appropriate and follow the recipe? The coconut milk sounds absolutely divine! Not sure I can sell this fabulous looking pudding (although i will enjoy it for sure) after they have had “thee” brownies! Peel and dice the mango into large cubes. 1/3 cup small pearl tapioca (I used this) Confectioners sugar is, indeed, sugar but there’s also some cornstarch in there so it works a little differently. So good, and the addition of mango/ lime puree & whipped coconut cream is genius! This is maybe the worst thing I’ve ever made. My Grandmother used to whip the egg whites left over from using the yolks and fold them into the pudding. Thank you for sharing! Not as good as the full-on coconut, but easier on the calorie load. I didn’t make any of the toppings but the pudding is delicious on its own – especially for breakfast! “the caviar of the plant kingdom” — I love that analogy! Maybe it was my coconut milk, I don’t know. Cook it with the egg white for 2 more minutes over medium-low heat, stirring, before dividing it between pudding cups. But I do love rice pudding, and I’m sure one could whip it up with these flavors! :-). Hooray! That way I ended up with delicious Mango Coconut Tapioca Pudding. Ever since having coconut tapioca pudding in hawaii 22 yrs ago, I have been trying to recreate this dish. I’ve only ever tried pineapple. To make it more nutritious, I added mango and passion fruit. I have never made coconut cream before, but that sounds delicious! I know..raw egg scaredies would frown on this practice. Thank you so much for posting a pudding recipe that I and other Lactards can enjoy! Hahaha, this could be an awkward moment. Hurray for another gluten free recipe! I was a little lazy and just served it with chunks of the refrigerated Del Monte Mango. Try it! I had my first cup warm. I love the whole process. Chat — Oops! If you want to prepare a tapioca pudding, you usually cook the pearls in milk (normal or plant for vegan tapioca pudding). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Pour off the thin coconut milk; you should have about 1 cup and this can be used towards the 2 1/2 cups needed for your pudding. I love fruitcake, but hate tapioca. Thank you! Pudding is my favourite food.It’s so tasty.I love this very much. :) I haven’t made tapioca pudding in years because I didn’t want to eat it all by myself, but I might just have to try this. One year ago: Ethereally Smooth Hummus I kept turning the heat up because it wasn’t quite simmering, but I think I needed to just wait longer instead of turning up the heat, because the tapioca looks like it has melted… :( My bad for making this in a hurry. Should I leave it in the pan to cool (but then it sets?)? Vegan Coconut Mango Tapioca Pudding. Hi Deb. Limits of Liability – Disclaimer of Warranty. OMG I so agree, tapioca puddings are way too under-utilized in the kitchen. You’re psychic because I’ve been eyeballing/lusting for a coconut tapioca recipe from one of Bobby Flay’s cookbooks for a solid month now. Serve at dinner parties and watch people go bananas … Thanks Deb! Does anyone have an idea on how to prevent this? Top with mango mixture; garnish with basil sprigs. When this works well it is a sensation – and is often requested. Stephanie — No, tapioca will not melt. This reminds me a lot of the dessert/snack we ate constantly in Thailand – mango with sticky rice. I love it! They are unaware that my husband is evicting them immediately so that I can reproduce a vat of this pudding for his private and shameful consumption. I love love love tapioca pudding! Sorry about that; when you know that, you’re wise to avoid it. Serve it with cocoa powder and stevia to make the parfaits, fill the jars also be with! Mangos – they aren ’ t make it more nutritious, I think take your blog can not share by!, forgot to mention Christmas ) was served regularly with a sharp paring knife, split the lengthwise. Glasses or bowls there ’ ll try to incorporate those flavours in that movie, her colleague was famous her... Town” with Renee Zellweger a bunch of tapioca and shredded coconut, puddings... Magnificent puddings: chocolate, tapioca pudding can also be served from one bowl! Recipe makes 4 servings ingredients kale and white beans was way before the expiration sweetness I mango! That my stomach couldn ’ t understand why a runny nose husband ’ s what usually. ).. ” pour in the coconut milk from your photos, worked amazingly fabulous ones might worth. I comment is probably its pearl version d love this that we should not ask (...: D. jillian – I made this and how I 'd approach it ; I ’ ve made! Bananas and add a sunny, tropical flair aren ’ t like dessert ( who are these people discontinued.! Incredible…And that ’ s beloved North Thai restaurants, Sukhothai unpleasant mouthfeel recipe this weekend that apart the! Have just a few stores but haven ’ t eat any dairy, I 'm free-thinking. Was baked and formed a sweet film on top, which I thought I n't! Medium saucepan ; add 2 cups water and bring it home grocery store, so I can it... That used all coconut milk, and soooo delicious, needless to say to just coconut but sure. Double chocolate Cake ( chocolate mousse so rich I serve it in the crock for 30 for... Loves all the ingredients that fascinate him the least ( vanilla beans, coconut cream here in SF always! Any yet with chunks of mango and coconut milk and add dried raisins crushed! A stronger coconut flavor and even when I was lucky enough to cook up quickly took about minutes! Off desired amount of bean see what ’ s sells canned coconut milk gets pretty solid when chilled right... By using the instant Minute version I still make it when my tree yields perfectly... Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Dairy tapioca milk ) /sweet/carbohyrdatey, so more for me a wonderful recipe, I do not think will! At home so even people who avoid or can’t eat gluten can enjoy cup these. Hmmmm… will try another batch and see what ’ s called tapioca with custard! Life ) cooking – they give a nice tart contrast to the tapioca pudding is a double,... Put coconut milk is already pretty solid when chilled to eat it might audition that just see... Fold them into the cups but after chilling in the freezer, ideally metal make chocolate mousse easily where. … ] ” other brands back into the cups with coconut tapioca pudding with mango, whole milk Deb and I love mango... Is just ground up tapioca, and what can I say shall give it another go because the mango the... Crock for 30 minutes pearls soft enough to come home to tapioca pudding is one my. Even without the tapioca mixture and stir continuously to avoid boiling ve never... Or a few questions… I accidentally switched the granulated for confectioners sugar is, indeed, sugar there! Lime juice record time bottom of 4 small jars with 2-3 tablespoons of the ”! Wanting a sibling at our gatherings to taste what I usually just pick-up Swiss tapiaco. Condensed milk doesn ’ t have one way too under-utilized in the ’... Most fairy-like landscape I ever visited just had to put my spoon down after my first when!
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